Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Apparently Sunday is the new Friday

Which means that yesterday was Saturday, today is Sunday, and tomorrow is Monday.  In my life anyway. And it will be that way next week also. The week after that and continuing for the entire month of July, Sunday will still be Friday but the following day will just be Saturday, or just Sunday, or perhaps some single day combination of the two that allows for a Monday to follow immediately after.  Confused yet?

I certainly wouldn't blame you. All this is because....(insert drumroll here)...I finally landed a job. And when you live in a tourism economy, what little weekend you get, (if any), doesn't usually line up with the weekend the rest of the world sees on a calender. I am not complaining though. I'm taking all the hours I can get, because it is just a seasonal job and will probably start winding down in September, or October if I'm lucky.  It isn't much money, but it's more than I make just sitting on my couch! (And if you can figure out how to make money doing that, please let me know.)

Even if it isn't the highest paying summer job in town, it certainly isn't the hardest either, and when all is said and done, would you mind spending a few months in a bookstore? Yep - that's right - a bookstore! The only one in town actually. Besides books, the shop also sells magazines, candy, maps, cards, and assorted gift items, rents movies, and has a decent sideline business in selling original and reproduction Catalina Pottery. I know what you are thinking, and sadly, no I don't get to sit there and read all day.  They have this wacky idea that you should be helping customers and ringing up sales, and even when the store is empty there's always something that needs to be tidied or some sort of busy work.  But I am surrounded by the lovely books all day and my planned reading list is growing quickly!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Raindrops keep falling on my socks

As expected our "May Gray" weather slid directly into "June Gloom". I don't really mind this anymore, I know the payback is that sometime in September (or October or November or December) when others are layering on sweaters and long pants, we'll still be sweating under sunny skies. But for added interest, today's forecast included a fairly high percentage chance of rain.

So I planned around that forecast, doing all my errands the day before and lining up indoor projects for today.  I was pleasantly surprised when the sun came out this morning and thought I'd take advantage of it by washing a few pairs of socks and hanging them out on the balcony to dry. 

About ten minutes after I got the last pair of socks hung outside - the clouds rolled in, the sky darkened, and the rain started.  So I dashed outside, collected my socks, and retired to the couch. Almost an hour later the rain stopped, the skies cleared, and the sun came back out. I figured okay, that must have been the big whoop-dee-doo rain forecasted, and hung my damp socks back outside in the sun to dry.

I kid you not - ten freakin' minutes later the clouds returned and it started to sprinkle. Again, I go outside, collect my socks, and place my tushy back on the couch. And a short time later...(you see what's coming don't you?)...the blankety-blank, ever-lovin' sun came back out! %$#&$@#$!!!

Okay, I can take a hint, thankyouverymuch. Fine. I will not dry my socks outside in the sun. I will dry my socks inside. On top of the oven. While it is baking chocolate chip cookies. So there.