Thursday, November 15, 2007

UFO in hibernation

In my apparently never ending task of updating all my projects, stash, etc. into my Ravelry notebook I dug out something that doesn't get to see the light of day too often. In fact, it can honestly be said that this particular project spends more time in hibernation than any member of Ursidae Family.

At a ripe age of 2 years, this is actually my oldest UFO. I originally found the pattern in the 2005 issue of Knit It magazine. It's listed as a men's scarf pattern and as I recall, when I first purchased the yarn and cast on I had some strange idea that I was going to complete this and give it to a man I knew as a Christmas present. (Yes, I liked this man, and yes, I am fully aware of the kiss-of-death element in the gifting of knitted goods to those we have a more-than-friendly interest in - let's discuss that some other time.) Here's the magazine picture that first caught my attention:

(Yes I know he's orange and has a bizarrely freaky smile - focus on the scarf. FOCUS!) The scarf is made from lovely soft alpaca, a joy to knit with. And the cream and greys are the perfect, manly-man, go-with-anything neutral. However, other than a brief middle section of ribbing that runs behind the neck and shoulders, the entire scarf is seed stitch. Two years ago I was a less experienced knitter. I had the necessary skill set, but I truly had no idea that I did not have the fortitude to slog through miles and miles and miles of grey seed stitch. I know myself better now.

I remember in one of the early Cast On episodes, Brenda Dayne referred to a particular item as her knitting penitence - in that it was only what worked on when she had perhaps been a particularly bad knitter. I'm a little unclear on what constitutes "being a bad knitter". Does that mean that you have been selfishly knitting only for yourself, and not for your loved ones or any charitable endeavors? Does it mean that you have been repeatedly, blindly creating scary, fugly bits of knitwear? Does it mean that your LYS keeps your credit card info on file and your cell phone number on speed dial? Or does it mean that you knit in every free moment, ignoring such trivial matters as work, housecleaning, and sleep? (Oh crap! Is that really a bad thing?)

Whether it's for penitence, or from the desperation that arises when no other projects are within reach, this UFO does occasionally come out to get a little fresh air, and a few more rows. It's a bit more than halfway to being finished. But whenever it is finally done - the idea that I would pass on the work of so many months to that man of two years ago? Or any man? Ludicrous. Not happening.

As I said before, I know myself better now.


NH Knitting Mama said...

I say that you should frog it and use that beautiful yarn for something!

BTW, I'm Amanda, and welcome to the knitting blog webring!

Kath said...

I actually thought about doing that before I hit the halfway point - after all - we are talking alpaca! But I also have this sort of "personal vendetta" thing that will not let me quit.

And thank you for the warm welcome Amanda!