Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A near perfect Christmas

Allrighty now - one holiday down, one to go! Something about having Christmas and New Year's so close together bothers me. Like somehow, if they were spaced further apart - I might enjoy them more? I dunno, I could be wrong, it's just a theory.

I had, what for me anyway, amounts to a damn near perfect Christmas. Stayed up late on Christmas Eve futzing around with my blog, surfing the internet and roaming the halls of Ravelry. ('Bout a 100 other ravelers in the U.S. were keeping me company.) Slept in as late as I wanted on Christmas Day, eventually emerging from my humble abode to spend a couple hours studying outside in the sunlight (oh joy, Santa brought me a Santa Ana!), and then spent the remainder of the day lazily chatting, munching, sipping wine, and opening prezzies.

On that last item, I must have been much nicer this year, 'cause I seriously scored! Warm pajamas, cute stitch markers, a coveted knitting book, and a special seasonal appearance from The Sock Fairy.

The WHAT fairy, you ask? The Sock Fairy of course! No, I don't mean the critter that lives in your dryer, swiping the occasional sock and leaving you with a pile of odd socks that can never be matched up again. Or the gremlin that creeps into your dresser drawers, mixing, mingling, and stirring up the contents so you end up walking out the door wearing one navy sock and one black sock. (Oh, like you never?)

The Sock Fairy is that beloved knitter in your life who actually enjoys wrangling ridiculously thin strands of assorted fibers around toothpick sized, dangerously pointy needles to create lovely, colorful, warm knitted goodness, and then...after all their hard work...they bestow their creations on others!

And to you who are reading this that have NOT worn hand-knitted socks and are wondering what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks is the big deal? Dude, you have no idea what you are missing! Hand knit socks fit and feel like nothing else, the priciest store bought socks just can't compare. Go find yourself a Sock Fairy! (But get your own - I ain't sharing mine!)

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