Thursday, January 10, 2008

Have you seen these?

The other day I was sorting through a stack of magazines and catalogs that had apparently mushroomed out of control and was taking up valuable real estate in my small home.  I found this cute ad:

If you've seen it you probably recognize it. (And if you were a knitter, you probably had the same thought I did, didn't you?)  Essentially the ad is for a credit card, and the woman pictured is standing in her kitchen, and saying that she doesn't cook, but she does love clothes, so this is what she went out and did with her credit card.

Turned her kitchen into a walk-in closet!  A few years ago I met a woman who doesn't cook, and she needed more storage in her tiny kitchen, so she had the oven removed and turned that into more cabinet space. At the time I thought that was just brilliant and I still do.  But this really takes that to a whole new level!  So right about now those who are struggling with yarn stash storage issues are thinking, "Hmmm...."  (Yeah, so about those gravy boats and crystal glasses on the top shelf - you use those how often?)

And this ad also caught my attention:

It's for the hat the woman is wearing.  Apparently this was really popular over Christmas, and sold out in many locations, even on the company website.  The name of this much coveted chapeau is the "Crazy Stripe Crochet Hat".  Do you see the problem with that?

No?  Let me get in a little closer:

Uh-hunh, you gots it.  That ain't crochet.  It's knit.  I'm guessing a 2x2 rib?

I mean, we who routinely utilize two pointy sticks to create lovely, warm knitted goodness are used to the fact that people who do not knit or crochet often can't tell the difference between knitting and crochet.  And I'm sure crocheters would agree.  But for the love of little green frogs - this is a major ad campaign for a hot holiday season item sold by a big name brand.  I know "Crazy Stripe Crochet" is more alliterative than the truth, but puh-leeze. 

(Oh, and to the folks at More Magazine who sent me that nice introductory subscription offer? ya mind?  Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  Back off bee-otch! )


Mia said...

Wow.. good one. I probably never would have noticed *grin*

Diane said...

Wow, I probably never would have noticed either. But, I do love that hat! I want to make one.