Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mit ideas, mitout a clue?

How does that expression go?  Something about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing?

Somehow, once I "got" the whole concept of how a thumb gusset works and how a thumb is knitted on a mitten, all sorts of possibilities occurred to me.  I mean, these fingerless gloves/wristwarmers/mitts/whatever you want to call em's, are essentially stretchy tubes with a thumb, yes? So theoretically, you could create one out of almost any stitch pattern that happens to catch your fancy, right? (If I am wrong about this do not tell me unless you will deliver chocolate with the bad news.)

It just so happens that a craptastically bad weather day of dark clouds, sideways rain, and churning seas is actually a great day to sit inside and knit so I decided to grab some leftover yarn and start testing a few of my ideas. 

Yeah, it may not look like much now.  But I'll get back to you.

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Mia said...

I'd give anything to watch some churning seas right about now :)