Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not gone yet. (Again)

So I'm still here.  In Santa Clara.  Not where you expected me to be today.  (Or maybe you did.)

I looked at the weather forecast this morning and when I saw that it showed Sunday to be non-stop crappy and Monday to be fine, I just gave in and figured it was meant to be.  I spent most of the day lazing around the hotel, knitting and vegging out. Later in the afternoon, I went out to gas up my truck and headed over to Bobbins Nest to visit and knit with them for a bit.

It's been in my head for a while, that while I have not yet knitted a single sock, I am perhaps meant to be a sock knitter.  Maybe it's in the genes, I don't know.  But the signs are there.  First, I received this lovely Fleece Artist from Stella:

Then I received this great colorway of Spunky Eclectic from Tiennie:

I swapped a couple hanks of Inca Alpaca for some yummy Duet from A Swell Yarn Shop:

And, you don't think I left last night's yarn release party at Bobbins Nest empty-handed, do you?

Now I know one can use sock yarn to knit things other than socks. But at Christmas I received a copy of Ann Budd's "Getting Started Knitting Socks", a book that actually made me believe I could. So I figured my hat and wristy knitting would run it's course over the winter, and by summer, I'd be knitting socks. My own personal Summer of Socks.

At the Bobbins Nest party I received a little goodie bag that included a sample of the Hazel Knits signature colorway and a pattern for a baby sock.  I don't know why it didn't occur to me before, but an itty-bitty baby sock might be a good warm-up to knitting an adult sock.  I mean, it's little - so you'd finish it pretty fast, right?

So this afternoon, I purchased a set of itty-bitty dpns with which to knit the itty-bitty socks. And this evening, I wound the yarn sample into an itty-bitty ball.

So now it's time to sit down with my itty-bitty pattern and cast on. I'll let you know how it goes!

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D said...

Itty bitty socks . . . but will Prima wear them?