Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Not gone yet.

So I'm still here. On the island.  Not where I'd expected to be today. 

Unfortunately, my travel partner was feeling unwell, and had to cancel her plans to attend Stitches West with me later this week.  I was bummed, and still kinda am since I really wasn't expecting to fly solo on this trip. (Okay, flying solo is a euphemism - I'm driving, but you get the idea!)  But I've done a little re-shuffling and revised the travel schedule, transportation, hotel, etc., to suit a party of one.  So instead of leaving today for a leisurely 2-day drive up north, I'm going to depart on the 8am boat tomorrow, and upon arrival on the mainland just get behind the wheel of my truck and drive, drive, drive.  My stereo is the stock radio, no CD player or newfangled MP3 device - so I pray that the gods of the radio waves are on my side and supply decent tunes between here and Santa Clara.  (That freaky person you see on the freeway singing to a song you can't hear and dancing with the steering wheel?  That'd be me.) Somewhere between here and there, a Denny's will probably get to see me - and I'm actually kinda looking forward to that.  The commercials look good and I haven't eaten at one of those since...1999 or 2000 maybe?

I still plan to take my laptop, and the hotel I chose promises free WiFi.  And since I am going to be alone, I really should be blogging every day.  (Not like there'll be anyone else hogging the computer!)  This is just a short post, to keep my blogging mojo going, and I should sign off the computer early tonight so I can pack up my suitcase and whatnot before I go to bed.  



Logan said...

I think I would be braindead if not for the Classic Rock station.

My next car is going to have a tapedeck...I'm not sure I'm ready for that kind of advanced technology.

Heather said...

Have a great time at Stitches....sorry you have to go solo, hopefully your friend is feeling better!

Mia said...

I'll be with ya in thought. Traveling solo is one of the biggest challenges I have yet to face... and I will. Just not yet :)

Ellen Bloom said...

Have a marvelous time, Kath! I went two years in a row, but am not making the journey this year. I, too, went solo for those two years. Really, it's the best way to go! There will be sooooo many people there to interact with, that it's really a blessing to be able to go to your own hotel room and be quiet after all that yarn frenzy dowstairs!

Try to get outside the hotel and convention center just to clear your head. Since you'll have your car, there's a little mall between the Fwy and the hotel with an In 'n Out, movies, etc. It's nice to break away from the expensive hotel food and yarniness for awhile.

Can't wait to see your pix and read about events on your blog!

D said...

Just don't do the Denny's. Once off the island there are so many interesting and exciting choices. Have a great time!