Friday, March 21, 2008

Bowled over by blocking

A few weeks ago I finished a braided cable hat and was concerned about whether it would be large enough for the intended recipient.  When knitting for my own pointy little head this is never a concern, and I've since found a basic cable pattern that's very stretchy and used that to knit up hats for other people.  But this braided cable hat was never meant for me - lordy knows I've more than enough warm wooly hats for someone who lives in a place with such a short mild winter season!

So I decided to try blocking the hat and just before heading over to one of the local shops to buy some balloons, I found this:

What is it you ask?  A bowl?  A bowl with a hole???

Actually, it's a cover from an el cheapo plastic overhead light fixture.  It's been lurking in a tool shed since it was replaced by a much nicer glass globe.  Why it wasn't pitched out immediately I don't know but I was happy to find it. 

Because when turned upside-down:

It became the perfect hat blocker!

After a quick rinse I slipped it over my nifty swifty new blocking bowl and then set it in the sun to finish drying. And you could say I was errr...."completely bowled over" by what a difference it made. (Please forgive me - I just couldn't help myself!) 

Since I was ill, there really weren't any normal-sized heads available to try it on. (What - like you don't quarantine your sick people?) But instead of fitting me like it did before, the hat is a tad large now, which means it should fit someone else perfectly! (I assure you, it's been washed since then.  I am not sending my cooties through the U.S. Mail)  You can even see the difference in the photos.



Now the only remaining challenge is purchasing an envelope to mail it. If you lived here you'd know why that's considered a "challenge".  You'll just have to take my word for it!

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JamieL said...

That is pretty sweet. Not only is it a beautiful hat, but I want a perfect head sized bowl...!!