Friday, March 14, 2008

Looking for the butter knife

I'm still dealing with this insanely painful headache thing.  While it's probably far from over, I think I may have figured out a coping strategy that will allow me to do something more with my days than lie on the couch and wimper.  So you can have some reasonable expectation of a normal blog post in the near future.

But one bright spot in the past few days, just before I took to the couch I ordered this cute little toaster oven:

Yes, as a matter of fact it IS red.  I will introduce you to the rest of my kitchen paraphernalia some other time.  For now, just accept that this color does indeed coordinate with the rest of my kitchen.  Since this is to replace the very basic ancient toaster that died a few weeks ago, I am very excited.   Not just to finally be able to have toast again - but to be able to toast bagels and danish and all sorts of other bread stuffs that would never fit in the narrow slots of the el cheapo appliance it's replacing.  Wheeeee!!!!! I'm livin' the high life now alrighty.  (I am so easily pleased it's pathetic.) 

As happy as I was to see Fed-Ex Dude arrive with the package, I did have one troubling moment when I looked at the box. I mean, I admit I was on drugs but seriously. Seriously???


Sheepish Annie said...

I upgraded my toaster oven a few years ago to one that will hold a 12" frozen pizza. My oven was broken at the time so it sort of made sense. But, I feel rather silly when I use it to toast a bagel. And it's not even a cool red toaster oven. ::sigh::

Good luck with the headaches. That's no way to live! Hope it all settles down soon and you feel better.

JamieL said...

Oof >.< Hope the headaches have gone away!

As for the box... I think whoever made the label was on nastier drugs... I mean... how else do you get it open?! :D