Saturday, June 28, 2008

Alphabet Soup

That's about what I'm going to have if I don't get caught up on the ABC-along soon.  Lucky for me, I found the two letters I needed very close to home, in the patio of the apartment below mine.

I've always had sort of a Darwinian attitude towards my plants.  Between scorching in the summer, drowning in the winter, and occasionally taking a flying dive off the deck, "survival of the fittest" seems appropriate. I'll do my best by you - but you gotta be able to tough it out.

L is for Lantana

This fellow seems to have grasped the policy.  I know a few different plants have been started in that location over the years, some of which received intense, loving care, and still slipped off to the great greenhouse in the sky.  (There was that terrible episode with the tomato plants and the mutant monster worms.)  But this guy bounced back from last year and blooms like a champion.  And then there those plants who, not content with just being decorative, have set their sights on world domination.

M is for Morning Glory

The Borg of the plant world, this critter will reach out a dainty-looking tendril and snag onto anything that holds still, even if for the briefest moment.  It swarms upwards, wrapping around other plants, twining along a clothesline, and blankets a wall and everything on it.  Resistance is futile, you WILL be assimilated. You wanna admire this beauty from a distance.  Or keep moving!


Susan said...

I have a morning glory climbing up my sunflower right now. I had no idea how it got there, until now.
(abc along)

sea mystery said...

Never saw the first plant before, but it sure is pretty with that orange being so brilliant. Morning glories are a nuisance sometimes ... totally beautiful though. Can't hate a plant that opens its face to the sun every morning. My best friend had them surrounding her deck. I could have sat there for hours because she had such a green thumb. All those colors blew me away. xxoo

Mia said...


Sheepish Annie said...

Wonderful pictures! I don't really care for soup, alphabet or otherwise, so I'm glad you were able to catch up.

Beverly said...

Those morning glories look almost three-dimensional! How do you do it?

Teyani said...

great photos of those flowers.
and I love your analogy of morning glories to the borg... too funny.

I can tell you though, that sometimes they just don't take (truly!) last year I planted some along the fence between my house and the neighbors (it's a very boring fence) and they did nicely last year, yet did not reappear as I hoped this year.
go figure.
when you want something to hide a fence, it doesn't comply.. (grins big here)