Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I am 1 in 15

Knitters participating in group #9 of a Traveling Scarf Project. The idea is simple - start a scarf, knitting about 3-6 inches in the stitch pattern and yarn of your choice, then mail it to the next person in the chain, who will add another 3-6 inches in their choice of stitch pattern and yarn, and mail it forward again.  Each person in the group doing the same thing, and the scarves in progress traveling forward in a circle, until each person's original scarf returns home.

So a little over a week ago I sent my scarf starter out on the journey:

Knowing that it would return home from its travels someday with a variety of unique, colorful souvenirs I used my favorite Lamb's Pride Worsted in a neutral Deep Charcoal and a simple 2x2 rib.

That same day, I welcomed the first new traveler.  It hadn't come far, but the weather was hot, so it spent a little time relaxing with a nice cold beverage:

Hung out with the locals:

And finally settled down with some good reading!

As for the rest of the visit?  Well, I think it's more fun to save the best of the vacation photos until you return home.  After the weekend, my visitor departed - heading out to the next destination!


Wendee said...

I am SOOOO California dreaming right now! Love the idea of the traveling scarf!

Toria said...

I love the pictures and description! My scarf will have so much fun in California. It needs a nice warm break from Michigan.

sea mystery said...

I think that is a stellar idea! Can't wait for your scarf to return and see the pic you post. xxoo