Saturday, March 28, 2009

We do not want you

This club is not looking to expand its membership. In fact, within the limits of their abilities to do so, current members will do almost anything possible to prevent any new additions. There are absolutely no benefits, and though annual dues will decrease over time, the initial sign-up fee is truly brutal. Sadly, despite this, the club roster grows every year. 

So if you do join, you will be welcomed with open arms, because we know what it took to get you here.  We will offer boxes of kleenex and share our stories.  You'll use the first one right away, and the rest slowly over time, finding your own place in the tales of mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, friends and lovers. The sharing of stories is important, not just to you, but to us as well.  In telling you, we heal ourselves, and the lost live again.


KnittingBlueContent said...

Has it really been another year?

You are in my thoughts, dear one.

Mia said...

For whatever it is you went thru or are going thru ::hug::

Sheepish Annie said...

It's tough. I know this. Here's hoping that each year brings more happy memories to make the hard ones less painful. ::hugs::

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Just breathe sweet friend ... in and out. I don't know if it will make it better, but it might help. Big hugs! xxoo