Monday, January 18, 2010

Spinning plates

That's what my friend's sister used to describe a point of time in her life and it's an accurate description of where I'm at now.

I certainly never intended to ignore the blog for a whole month. My holidays were fine. Although I had to work on both Christmas and New Year's, I managed to get a nice day with my family, was included in someone else's family dinner, and spent time with a visiting friend. Family, friends, good food - could you ask for more? I don't see how.

But since then I've found myself doing a fairly accurate imitation of that fellow you see at the circus spinning a plate on top of a long stick.  He starts with just one, then adds another, and another, and before you know it he's balanced on one foot with clusters of plates whirling above the other outstretched foot, both hands, and head. If I look away, if I take a deep breath, if I so much as blink - they'll come crashing down.

I'm incredibly happy I finished school - if I still had that particular plate up there with all the others I think I'd give up on sanity all together. Although one could make the argument that completing my degree led to some of the issues I'm facing now. I have some decisions to make - and I'm not enjoying it.


Anonymous said...

The whole being an adult thing is a bit of a bear, isn't it? It's time's like this that I like to think of the immortal words of that great philosopher Dory,

What? You can't solve all of life's issues with cartoons? Damn.

Sheepish Annie said...

Decisions...I'm not a fan. I prefer it when things just fall into place. Why can't things ever just fall into place? Is that too much to ask???

Mia said...

I've been wondering about you... but I knew you'd come back when the time is ready... but sorry about the plates - I for one - am absolutley the wrong person to ask about advice to keeping them going. Mine have done crashed :(

Pat said...

Keep breathing, sometimes that's all you really have to do- and then hope none of the plates hit you on the head on their way to the floor. :-)