Monday, September 17, 2007

Art Walk '07

Yesterday afternoon I did finally go out for a walk and then strolled down Front Street to check out the booths at the art festival. It seems like every year there are less and less vendors participating in this event and the few people that I mentioned that to agreed with me. I wonder if A) the event organizers have recognized this, B) the event organizers have recognized this as an actual problem, and C) the event organizers plan to do anything about it? (A, B, C may seem logical to you or I, but things don't always happen that way here.)

So if you are wondering where the wild things are, I can tell you that that this weekend they were here:

With the Eisenhut sisters who wore their matching shirts while selling the dichroic glass items crafted by Alice Eisenhut-Torres. (Yes, I know I should have gotten a better picture of both the shirts and the goods on the table - I'm learning). Since I'm trying to focus on spending money only on necessities or that which seriously improves my quality of life, and a pretty glass hairclip does not fall into either of those categories, it was necessary to move on quickly.

And my former roommate Danny Peterson was deep in conversation with a potential patron of the arts:

And then of course, saving the best for last, there was Lesly Lieberman:

Who makes such beautiful jewelry that if (like me) you can't buy, you'd better get someone strong to hold onto your wallet for you. (Yes, Lesly. Your future's so bright you should wear shades!)

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