Sunday, September 16, 2007

Teddy Bears in Tu-Tus

A couple years ago my friend D. invited me to check out the Harvest Festival with her at the Long Beach Convention Center. She knew me well enough to know I dig that kind of thing and actually used to work for one of the vendors on this particular show's "circuit" (if that's the right word for it). Now I've learned over the years that the goods offered at these events can range from the amazing to the truly god-awful. And yes, I do admit that is very much subject to personal taste, one person's idea of hideousness-beyond-even-kitschy-cool can be what someone else considers craft, or even ('scuse me while I swallow hard) art.

That year, one of those such items was discovered and has been used as a point of reference in many conversations since. If anyone ever reads this, and ends up feeling offended, please keep in mind this is all just my personal opinion, and truly, if you can actually run a business that makes money selling those sort of things - I might just be a tad jealous.

Yesterday, I went back to that annual event and was pleased to see that there were absolutely none of these:

I was quite relieved. There were lots of other nifty things and I had planned to take photos to share them but was prevented by the very large sign just inside the entrance stating "NO PHOTOS", so I'll have to go with links instead. D.'s old aquaintances from Larenda were busy and seemed to be very popular. The Ankara Designs booth was positively mobbed every time I walked by, I bought a nice hairclip from them in the past and thought about getting another but didn't have the strength to fight the crowds of women. I absolutely loved the jewelry created by Laura Moore of Billys a Bad Kitty and unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) it's just not in my budget right now. (But maybe someday, and I certainly won't forget the name of her business!) A Painted Setting sells beautiful, fragile hand-painted glassware that will never be a part of my life but it was great that the artist was there in the booth doing a demonstration when I was passing by - good timing on my part, eh? And lastly - don't ask me why - but I really liked this too.

With my town's usual fabulous timing, our local art festival is on the same weekend as this one in Long Beach, so if I can pry myself off the sofa, I may yet make it down there.

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