Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Has anyone seen 9:00am?

This may indeed finally be a two post day. Because I sat down to the computer with something in my head that I wanted to write down. But naturally I had to check my email first (not that I get much these days but old habits die hard), and then look at other blogs, and then of course those blogs always include interesting links that HAVE to be followed, and you see where this is going don't you? It's after 10am and I'm still in my jammies on the couch with the laptop in front of me and a cat curled up on my lap. Sheesh!

I'd love to use the excuse that since Blogger apparently doesn't play nice with Safari, I have to switch over to the "other side" of my computer (dual boot - 2 separate hard drives - Mac and PC inside a MacBook) and to log in and post from the PC side. The excuse part kicks in because for reasons unknown to me - the computer clock on the PC side doesn't run properly. (A recent conversation with a friend has led to the possibility that this can be fixed but it certainly isn't critical.) So therefore it's completely understandable how I could completely lose track of time and let an hour (or so) pass by, right? However, some helpful soul would probably point out that a short distance from my home there is a bell tower, with a bell that rings every 15 minutes, tolling on the quarter hour, and that this bell can be heard pretty much everywhere in town, and most certainly in my living room. *Sigh*.

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