Sunday, September 9, 2007

She's THIS many...

Bad blogger - skipped a day and now I'm stuck posting day old news. But maybe someday soon I'll make it up with two posts in one day! And of course, I'm sure it'd help if I didn't wait til the absolute end of the day.

I packaged up my contributions to the Red Scarf Project. I've a gross (and I mean that in both definitions) amount of glittery gold ribbon yarn that works great for tying up presents, which along with Target gift cards donated by my non-knitter friend, a homemade card, and Mel's washing instructions and wrapper (which became an envelope), makes for a very nice little V-day present for a couple of college students somewhere out there in the world.

I realized late in the day that my cat, Prima, had just turned 4 years old, which means that she has finally caught up to me. As I understand it, after the first year of life a cat is about the same as a 15 year old human, and then the second year of a cat's life adds on 10 years, and then after that each year of the cat's life is equivalent to 4 years. So welcome to your 30's Miss Prima, but do you think this is really appropriate behavior for a mature adult?

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