Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What is the sound of one brain cell sizzling?

Oh sheesh! Please forgive a small mess on the sidebar. In an effort to increase traffic to my blog (without actually telling everyone I know, "hey, look at what I'm doing with my total lack of a social life") I'm signing up for a web ring and having difficulty. I've got the code for the ring, and a cute little pic, just integrating the two is seeming to be a problem. I can't blame this on blogger, I've found others on that ring with blogger accounts. I fully accept that this is a classic case of PEBCAK (Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard) and the habit of doing this sort of thing at the end of my day, when my brain is fried, has basically bitten me on the butt. (Wow, was that colorful enough?)

Rather than continuing to struggle with it, and possibly make things even worse, I am going to take the wiser course of action. Put down the mouse, back away from the computer, and go knit something. Preferably in garter stitch. Tomorrow I'll take a fresh look at it and if I can get two brain cells to line up next to each other at the right moment, I'll figure it out and fix it. If not, I'll be sending "Hi, can you help me? I'm an idiot!" emails to complete strangers who knit and have cats.

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