Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Brownielocks and the Three Hats

First, this is the pic for the webring I wanted to join:

And while I do have a couple of ideas on how to add that image to the code in the sidebar and make it work, I'm just not up to tackling that tonight. A couple hours ago for dinner I managed to consume half a pound of shrimp (and you who ate the other half the pound - you know who you are!) and now I have an overwhelming desire to assume a horizontal position and stay that way. And the really sick thing? Now that I'm home for most of the day I've gotten into the habit of sort of snacking my way through the day (in a healthy way). So less than an hour after helping 15-20 shrimps move on to their next lives I went to the freezer to get a few cubes for my drink, saw the ice cream sitting there, and my taste buds said, "ooooh, yeah, gimme that!" To which my stomach replied, "oh no girlfriend - do NOT go there!" The battle rages on.

I have a goal to be able to knit hats that actually fit my pointy little head and this seems to be a challenge for me. When I started knitting a couple years ago my first project was a very simple garter stitch hat. The first time I used the pattern I loved the color and the yarn I used but the hat was really tight, even for my (as previously mentioned) pointy little head
and yes, I DID get gauge.

Then recently I tried again, making a few changes, including size and ended up with something really huge. Obviously since it's acrylic I can't felt it, but perhaps I can add a strap and make it into a bag. Either that or find someone with a really big head!

Then the other night during the city council meeting and Eureka, I finished this:

I'm not particulary in love with it, but I didn't really expect to be. The yarn is acrylic again, and while it doesn't squeek or anything, you can tell by the feel that it's acrylic. I have plenty of the blue camo yarn so "practice hats" seems like a good use for it. The result is a hat that I don't really like the look of, but at least it fits my head. The somewhat sad part is that I still have enough of that yarn to do another hat!

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