Friday, September 21, 2007

The merits of (truly) indoor plumbing

After all the fuss at the City Council meeting about rainfall a month earlier than expected, preparing for mudslides, school being cancelled, etc. I was laughing fairly hard when all we got this morning was a brief sprinkle and then it turned to this:

But later in the afternoon the clouds came in, bringing a bit of thunder and the much anticipated precipitation. Now this is what I was looking for:

I am happy that I stopped working and started on this one year sabbatical early enough in the year to be able to enjoy the long days and the lovely summer weather. But I've long suspected that it would take a foul weather day to make me really appreciate it.

Here is why - I have had 2 different jobs and 3 different offices that did not have their own bathrooms. Have had access to coffee makers, microwaves, refrigerators, even sinks - but not that one all-important porcelain fixture. Every day, including rainy ones, one was required one to exit the office and travel outside to get to a toilet. So having spent the last 6 years of my working life putting on a rainjacket and umbrella everytime I needed to pee, well...I'm appreciating being at home on the days on inclement weather. And I think I've come up with a requirement for future places of employment.

What I can't help wondering about is that when I first moved here to the island, accepting a job for employer #1, I lived for the first 6 months in their dorm-style company housing. And my room had the particular distinction of having an "outside shower", meaning that you had to step outside your own tiny little cell.....err....I mean room and take a few steps in the fresh air, and then go into a little shower closet. Perhaps I should have taken that as a sign?

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