Monday, September 24, 2007

In 30 Days

I've been a baaaaad blogger - no posts at all over the weekend. And I don't want to be one of those people who never blog on weekends - gee, can ya tell whose blogging at work? Anyway, I did complete a project I meant to share over the weekend, but somehow time just sort of got away from me.

I always loved Morgan Spurlock's "Thirty Days" just the concept alone is enough to hook me. How much can someone change in just 30 days? So I decided to take that challenge and apply it to something I wanted to change. Namely - the pathetic state of my own physical fitness.

I used to joke about how many miles I racked up each day just on the job - trekking back and forth, over and over, from the corporate office building to my little hut, not to mention zigzagging around town to the booths, hotels, etc. But then I changed jobs. And found myself sitting on my tiny hiney, all day, in a little corner, behind a partition. Gettin' zero exercise and a flat butt. Not good, not at all. Gym attendance would have been smart - certainly would have been geographically convenient! ('Bout a few feet away.) But it never happened.

In the past when I've fallen off the treadmill, I've used personal bribes to get myself back in the gym. Hit the gym at least three times a week and buy myself a new book, or a CD, or something to reward myself. And that would carry me through the first month or so, until the changes to my body became the apparent and the only reward needed. But the last thing I want to be doing now is spending money for a gym membership and then having to work my schedule to theirs. But I did want to get myself in shape again. I reasoned that I could walk anywhere and everywhere for free, and I do own a couple sets of free weights. So I set a goal of 30 days during which I had to either walk or lift weights every day, and at the end of that 30 days, I'd get myself a big ticket reward. Yep, that's right - EVERY day for 30 days - you got it.

I tracked myself on a calender posted inside one of my kitchen cupboards:

Where I marked off that day's exercise and counted down the days. And last Thursday, with no particular fanfare, just one very long walk followed by a nice dinner (thanks A. & S.!), I marked off day 30.

Did it make a difference? Well, I truly can't tell if the hiney's looking any better! But I can walk up the hills of my town without getting out of breath, and stroll up to the ballfield and back without being crippled the next day. And after EVERY day for 30 days, just keeping up a routine of a few times a week should be easy. So altogether worth it in every way. Oh, and the reward I chose?

Come to mama sweet thang!

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