Friday, September 28, 2007

Too much of a good thing

Since I'm going into my 10th (!!!) year of living on this island I think I 'm fairly adjusted to the ups & downs, along with the ins & outs, of living in a tourism economy. Part of that is recognizing that being a port of call for a couple of cruise ships in the middle of the week is actually a good thing. Midweek is when the visitor counts are down, and if I ran one of the local retail establishments I'm sure I'd be quite grateful for the business they bring. And a relatively new business owner recently admitted to me that instead of looking at the cruise ship passengers clogging the streets and stores of the town as a pain, he now welcomes them with open arms. 'Cause those cruise ship folks? They do like to shop! So every Monday starts the week nice and quiet, good day to stroll down Front Street, go to lunch, do your grocery shopping, etc.

Then on Tuesday we see this:

And then on Wednesday we see this:

And then we get another nice quiet day when we can actually enjoy the town we live in again - like it's normal or something. (Heh!)

But on Thursday morning I woke up and from my bedroom window I saw this:

I thought something along the lines of "ahhhh, great creeping crudballs! %$%@#!!! Fine I might as well just go do laundry."

But then this morning (err..hello! Friday!) I woke up, looked out my bedroom window and saw:

Is it possible, I mean just possible (and I know I risk the wrath of others here - this is practically blasphemy) but could this perhaps be too much of a good thing?

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