Saturday, October 6, 2007

Making progress (bars)

Yesterday I "moved" the progress bar for my Psychology Research Methods class from 40% to 50%, the first change I've made since placing the bars in the blog's sidebar. I realized later than I never actually posted anything about them and I should give credit to noricum, whose Table Time post gave me the html code to make those little graphic reminders of my progress (or lack thereof) in the classes I'm taking to complete my BS degree. (And that stands for Bachelor of Science - so don't go there, okay?)

Progress bars have become very popular with knitters and searching the internet I found dozens of other descriptions on how to create progress tracking bars that required CSS, or creating the graphic on your computer and then just pasting it as an image, but I was sure there had to be another way. And this one works fine for me, all html code and they're just little tables inside tables, I can select my own hex color codes and just go back in and tweak the dimensions and edit the text when I need to. Perfect.

I'm not sure how I feel about the progress bars, right now they make me feel frustrated, like time is going by quickly and and I'm not moving forward as fast as I'd expected. But then, when does anything ever turn out exactly they way you expect?

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