Friday, October 19, 2007

Real Men Eat Gardenburgers!

To use someone else's words, "Many people seem to feel compelled to vote for strangers (who'd automatically spurn them in public) as long as the venue is say, Dancing With the Stars." But in this case you can cast your vote for someone who would really appreciate it and acknowledge your contribution! I'd like introduce you to Steve Silberberg, a fine example of a real man who does eat Gardenburgers. Steve has decided to boldly go where apparently 192 alleged Real Men have gone, and enter the Real Men Eat Gardenburgers Contest.

So without any further ado, heeeeeeerrrrressss Steve!

To see Steve's official contest entry and vote for him, please go to And you know what they say, vote early & vote often! Like every day, maybe? (And ladies, I know you can't wait to get your hands on this vegetarian hotness - take a number, the line is forming to the left.)

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