Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A scarf is born

This is the scarf I started to match the hat in my last post. The pattern is Crazy Aunt Purl's Magic Scarf, and I decided to use at least two of the listed alterations to her recipe - adding three rows of garter stitch to the beginning and end of the scarf, along with three stitches of garter to the beginning and end of each row. I think this is going to look the scarf look a bit more substantial, and the garter stitch border will really set off the pattern. And just so we're clear here, I am not intending to knit a matching scarf for every hat I knit over this winter. (I may be crazy but not in that way). I think after I knit a bunch more hats I'll just use the leftover from all of them to make one striped scarf that will match all of the hats. ('Cause matching stuff? I am crazy that way). The yellow hat is going to be the only one to get it's own scarf, because - you know, it was the first. I know, I know, you aren't supposed to have favorites. And I know, the other hats will be jealous, but they'll just have to suck it up. Rank hath its privileges.

In other news, I finally had a reason to scootch a couple of the progress bars over, adding 5% to both Statistics and Psych Research Methods. I knew I wasn't getting much schoolwork done last week, other things were happening that seemed to suck up all my time. Which does not make me happy so I'm going to attempt to find a better balance in the future. But on Saturday I should be taking my midterm exam for Art History, and that does make me happy - I cannot wait to be done with that horrid class. I wasted far too much time at the beginning of the class before finally accepting that it is just a crappy, poorly-written course and that I should just memorize all the answers, spit them back on the test, get the grade onto my transcript, and move on. How about setting a goal of completing that one before Christmas? Or maybe even Thanksgiving?

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