Sunday, October 14, 2007

C'est un chapeau

At long last I am pleased to introduce:

My first perfect roll-brim hat for my pointy little head!

Well, perfect may be a bit much, but I am happy with it. I don't have a name for the pattern yet - but I'm open to suggestions. Obviously I should have stuffed something inside of it before taking the photo, so I did this:

(Hmmm....channeling Magritte in this one!)

There are a few things I might try changing in future versions. (Didja think I was kidding about knitting one in every colorway of Lamb's Pride? Wait and see.) Immediately after the roll brim, I decreased and then ribbed. The intent of the ribbing was to help it stay on my head and stop the stockinette stitch from curling any further. But the ribbing doesn't really do much to help keep it on and I'm wondering if just the decrease alone would have been enought to stop the curling? And then there's also the idea of adding a stripe, perhaps in the ribbing? Oh there's so many hats yet to be knitted!

As I was knitting this item, I spoke to it sweetly and lovingly, promising it that if it turned out to be a nice hat, I would knit it a matching scarf. (We will not discuss what I said to it when I was tinking back after I discovered that I decreased for the crown too soon.) And although I forget to mention it before, when I bought the yarn it was on sale so (obviously) I bought more and I have another whole skein to play with along with the leftover from the hat. So I guess I better get going on that - wouldn't do to break my promise - the knitting gods will not be pleased!

One more thing - the last office I worked in had many err...unique qualities. (Stench of raw sewage in the storage room pretty much won the prize.) And among them was an interesting object that hung directly above my head while I sat at my desk. From the first day I started, until the day I left, I had to resist the urge to grab a sharpie marker and write one sentence on that object. Can you guess what that sentence was?

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