Monday, November 5, 2007

Bird Buffet

This lovely harvest-themed display brought to you by one of our local business owners:

Very nice hay bale, punkins, assorted colorful squash and ears of corn. (Corn! Did you say corn?!?) While I appreciate the efforts of our local merchants to provide attractive seasonal decor, perhaps some thought might have gone towards creating something that would not attract the flying rats we call pigeons? Such as, oh I don't know, not including bird food? (A.K.A. corn) There were a few of these displays scattered around a small marketplace area, and from what I could see, all but one was just covered in fat, hungry pigeons, going to town on the sudden buffet.

The one that the dratted birds were ignoring? Welllll.....not too long ago two people were taking a dog for a walk one night. And, you know.....perhaps these two people were so busy talking, that maybe, just maybe, they weren't giving the dog their complete undivided attention. So, it's not completely out of the realm of possibility that the aforementioned dog might have done something unfortunate in (or perhaps to?) an unfortunate place.

Which now might be considered a public service.
Who knew?

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