Monday, December 17, 2007

Blogkeeping Notes

Okay just a quickie tonight, and sorry - no pics.  I'm trying to do a little blog housekeeping (is there a word for that? blogkeeping maybe?) and get caught up on things I thought of doing but never had time during the month of November.  (And you know better than to ask why, right?)

I found another blog ring to join, Academics Knit. (Logan, you might be interested in this one.)  I had planned to add a few buttons (Yes, I am turning into a bit of a button slut - sue me. Better yet, make me a button for it. ) for things I have done, such as the Knitting Olympics, or things that are ongoing, such as the Mother's Day Project.  But I noticed that area is getting a little crowded so I'll try to rearrange that, probably standardize the button sizes and put the rings in a separate section. 

I've got a few other tweaks and additions to make to the decor - and if my response was timely enough, if I made it into the happy hundred, that'll even include Ravelry progress bars! 

So now I'm going to do something truly unique and special - get off the frackin' computer and knit.

1 comment:

Logan said...

I joined that webring, thanks. Also, I hope you don't mind I [temporarily?] stole your button for it, since I couldn't find one. Maybe I'll get around to making one soon.