Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Some knittin' goin' on

Despite the lack of knitting content in my recent posts, there has in fact, been some knittin' goin' on. It just took a while to get this figured out (AKA "the design phase") and now I have a new hat:

And the part that makes me very happy and feel very clever, is that the rosette is actually removable:

At the last minute I had what I interpret as a stroke of brilliance, and instead of sewing the knitted rosette to the hat, I sewed a pin backing onto it and then pinned it to the hat. (Pin backings left over from making faire favors in ye olde ren faire days - huzzah!) So the rosette can be taken off the hat ('cause sometime you feel flowery and sometimes you don't) and even attached to something else, like a sweater or purse or whatever floats your boat.

And in the interests of keeping all my little bits warm, the yarn that arrived last week was ordered with the intent to knit wristys. (Or wristwarmers, handwarmers, gauntlets, again - whatever floats your boat.) And after some time struggling to close the gap in my knitting knowledge that was how-to-join-a-round-on-double-pointed-needles, I've got a decent start on my first one:

It reminds me very much of what it looks like when someone is starting the cuff of a sock. And I expect it'll go on looking very sock-like for quite a while, up until the point where the thumb starts! What it also has in common with a sock is being very small and portable and I've already bumped it down into a smaller project baggie. (Thoughtfully provided by the folks who taught us that yellow and blue make green.) And like a sock, it will also need a mate. (Unlike me, apparently.) Since the bulk of this particular wristy pattern is just round and round of 2x2 ribbing, I expect that there will be need to be at least one more knitting project in progress at the same time to entertain me.

Ooooo - maybe I'll go cast on a hat!


Mizzle said...

That hat is awesome! Can we get a pattern? :D

mi said...

oh wow.. great hat! And I think it suits you!

Kath said...

Thanks! I'm still futzing around with it, but once I have it completely figured out I'll post the pattern, here and on Ravelry.