Thursday, December 6, 2007

One down, many more to go

I didn't post yesterday because I was overtown all day and was just too wiped when I got back. The trip was a successful one.  I went to a nice little shop where I petted all their pretty yarn. I went to Trader Joe's and hauled home a couple bags of goodies to liven up my boring local groceries.  But the main purpose of the entire day lasted exactly 30 minutes - my final exam for Brigham Young University's Art History and Curatorial Studies 340.

Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly happy to be done with that pathetic excuse for a course intended to teach 19th century European Art History.  But I have to point out that it actually took me longer to get there than to take the test.

6:00am - wake up and turn off alarm clock
6:30am - wake up again, look at clock, curse and leap out of bed in the direction of the kitchen
6:35am - glance out window on my way to bathroom, see choppy waves in harbor, curse again
7:35am - exit warm home, start cold golf cart (cursing), and head for boat dock
7:50am - board boat and settle into seat with warm bagel, knitting, and iPod
8:00am - boat pushes back and departs
9:15am - boat arrives, exit with 50 jillion other passengers
9:20am - locate truck in parking garage, clean month of accumulated crud from window (cursing)
9:30am - drive onto freeway
10:15am - exit freeway
10:20am - pull into parking garage at test center
10:30am - walk into test center office and report for scheduled test appointment
11:00am - exit test center, exam completed

See what I mean?  And just so we're clear, all the cursing is not just my run-of-the-mill, ordinary potty mouth.  These curses were specifically directed at the folks who caused BYU to change their policy, requiring that all collegiate level exams be taken at "certified testing center", instead of allowing the student to find their own proctor.  As is too often the case, one bad apple spoiled it for the rest of the barrel, and now instead of asking a local school teacher or librarian to administer my tests, I have to go overtown for them.

The fun part of taking a BYU course is that when you complete the course they offer you an evaluation form, requesting your feedback. Hmmmm...better buckle up.

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Sheepish Annie said...

I know that the travel time is a pain...but it makes for a great story!

Just think of the tales you'll be able to tell ten years from now about how you struggled to get to school. Glad the test is over for now, though. Sounds like a course that just needed to be done and over with.