Saturday, December 8, 2007

One for the rings

When I signed up for the Saturday Sky ring I had not anticipated that it would help motivate me to get out of my cozy little home every Saturday so I could get a good shot. Somehow getting all my Saturday Sky photos from my balcony seemed like a cop-out! So although I'd already been out for a walk, and had a good shot I planned to use, later when I got home something really fabulous showed up in the sky, and really - if I hadn't been home I might not have seen this:

And just in case you landed here from the Knitting Blogring, this next bit is for you. I finished another cable cap:

I used a much better yarn with this one, drawing on my stash of Lamb's Pride, and I really love the garnet color but it feels sort of tight. I think the other one did too, and after I'd worn it a while either I got used to it or it stretched out. I've been wondering if I could sort of block some stretch into it. (If that made any sense?!) I have a little hand-held steamer, but for the life of me I can't find anything around the house I can put it on that would serve as my head. Maybe stuff it with towels? I'm open to suggestions!

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