Saturday, December 1, 2007

Red Flag Saturday

First, my Saturday Sky:

That flag to the left is the reason I did not make it off the island today. One red flag is only a small craft advisory, which essentially means that it is not so windy that the boats cannot run at all, but there is enough swell that you will not really enjoy your trip. Even if you do not get seasick, others around you might and that's really not pleasant. ***(Warning: slightly gross story approaching)

A couple years ago a coworker and I went over together to attend a convention for people in the animal care industry. The crossing was so rough that we spent the entire 90 minutes sitting outside, freezing and becoming drenched with seawater, just to have fresh, breathable air. And all the while, inside the cabin of the boat the crew were running up and down the aisles with barf baggies and citrus disinfectant, until it smelled like someone puked up an entire orange grove. We disembarked in Long Beach looking like cold, drowned rats - but we had our stomaches intact and were discussing where to eat dinner.

So in the past I have hauled my cookies across the channel in all sorts of less than ideal weather conditions. But I figure that at this particular point in my life if I don't HAVE to, why should I? There isn't anything I was going to do today, that can't just as easily be done on another day, and waiting just a few more days won't make any real difference.

Unlike SOME people, at least I did get out of bed today, running errands and going for a short walk.

Nooooo, eees cold out dere!

Isn't she just about begging to be a lolcat?

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