Sunday, January 20, 2008

Outward Bound Cabled Mitts

First I'm going to say thanks to everyone who sympathized, offered helpful suggestions, or just plain ole got their yucks from my morning misadventures.  I have since relocated the decaf coffee to the back of the cupboard AND tied a bright piece of yarn to the bag.  I hope that will prevent any further mistakes.  Not stocking decaf coffee at all is not really an option for me right now.  I lurve the java and used to pound it down all day.  But for health reasons I had to cut back on the caffeine (you want to stick a needle where???) and I gotta tell ya - that wasn't fun.   So now I allow myself one fully leaded cup in the morning to jump start my brain and body (and ohhhh the rush...yes, indeed caffeine is a drug), and anything after that has to be decaf, whether at home or out and about.

With all my blithering about school and other non-essential areas of life, it seems like I don't post as many finished objects as I used to. But at long last we have a completed pair o' mitts:

The pattern is Carissa Browning's Cabled Fingerless Mitts. I took one liberty with the pattern, and that was to reverse the cables so they twist what I think of as "outwards".  So right now I'm calling these "Outward Bound Cabled Fingerless Mitts".  I used Plymouth Boku yarn in the Black Cherry colorway and while I love all their colors, I am starting to have a bit of an concern with that yarn, because it seems to have awfully short fibers and breaks way too easily. (Resulting in some extremely creative language.)

When I started out knitting these I truly did throw my matchy-matchy issues to the wind and was ready to embrace whatever color variations occurred whenever. Although it looks like I tried to get them to be another set of identical twins, I didn't do anything, they just turned out looking very much that way.

And when I started to knit the thumbs I only had one full run of the color variation left, so I couldn't even be tempted to make them the same color.  One is darker brown/burgundy, and the other one is a lighter rust color.

Even though I went down a needle size to get gauge (resulting in a very dense but warm fabric!) I realized very quickly that they would be too large for me.  However, they are perfect in size, color and style for my wonderful Sock Fairy!  And after all she has done to keep my feets covered in warm, colorful knitted goodness, it's really nice to be able to give something back.  It also seems like in her hands (or more accurately, ON them) these mitts will get to see more of the world so that makes the name even more appropriate!

Apparently she does like them, and gives them her version of what around here we usually refer to as, "Two Paws Up"!

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Celia said...

Nice! They look beautiful and warm!