Friday, January 18, 2008

The third variable

I've been thinking that my energy level in the mornings seemed so random lately. Some days I'd be feeling alert, healthy, and normal, other mornings it was like my ass was dragging a mile behind me. And there didn't appear to be any correlation with how I'd slept the night before. Finally one morning as I sat on the couch musing over the possibilities and contemplating this most perfect nectar of the gods:

It hit me.

I went to the cupboard and this is what I find:

Do you see the problem? No?
How about now?

Yes, indeedy, these two bags of coffee are remarkably similar! Except of course for that oh-so-crucial magic ingredient...caffeine. So what are the chances that on those down and draggy days I grabbed the wrong bag and started my day off with the unleaded formula? Pretty good, I'm thinking. And just in case you are feeling smug and superior, and that you would never do anything so foolish, let me show you what those bags of coffee really look like in the morning:

Okay? 'Nuff said.


Mia said...

I feel your pain hehehe. I don't even bring that nasty decaf into the house!

Ellen Bloom said...

Hahahahaha! Very funny.

Not funny for you, of course on those decaf days.
I suggest putting the decaf in some sort of vacuum sealed cannister to differentiate it from the REAL stuff!

I'm not a coffee drinker. I remember, years ago, when I used to make coffee for my old boss. I really didn't know the difference between the bags of coffee. For a week i brewed the boss decaf. He was dragging, grouchy and must have had at least 5 cups of coffee, saying he couldn't understand why he was so groggy. mistake. I switched back the following week, once I realized my mistake. He gave me a raise. I never told him what actually happened.

Goood morning!

NH Knitting Mama said...

This gave me a great chuckle. I think you need to put a mousetrap on the decaf one. There will be no mistakes in the morning!

webber the webulous webhead said...

Hahaha this was a great post, thanks for the chuckle.