Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A is for Avalon

So this is how I decided to start.  The instructions for the ABC-Along say, "Photos should reflect the personality of the photographer, the subject should be of importance or meaning to them..." 

Well then, this is should fit the bill.  Moving to Avalon changed my life forever. It's so much more than just a change of address.  Living here alters you in ways you could never anticipate, or even when it is explained to you, understand until you experience it.  I am a different person for having lived here and even if I were to leave, some part of this place would go with me.  

This is my tenth year here, and I want to spend it remembering what brought me here.  Several years ago I was standing with two other women when someone asked why we first came here. 

Woman #1 said, "Well, I came here with a guy, and then when he left, I stayed." 
Woman #2 said, "I moved here, met a man, and we started a family."  
I said, "I came here for me."

And it was true.  I came here on vacation - with friends, family, and even alone.  I came back and I kept coming back.  To a place where just steps bring you from the wide open blue ocean to climbing green hills.  In spring, summer, fall, and winter.  And one day I suddenly thought, when you find a place in the world that you love that much - shouldn't that be where you live all the time? Wouldn't that be the start of a good life and what would that be like?

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Ellen Bloom said...

Extremely inspiring, Kath!
Your photo is fabulous. I spent much of youth in Avalon and know exactly how you feel. Good for you, for taking that hop, 26 miles away!