Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Studying solo...or not

I've updated my school progress bars, which included adding a new one for Literacy in Elementary Education.  It's not a subject I'd ever in a million years envisioned myself studying and I'm quite happy to admit that my sole motivation is that it's worth 6 upper level credits.  I also got cute, and linked the subject names to a little more info, like the course outline or syllabus, just in cast someone happened to be interested.  (I know, highly unlikely.)

Later this week I'm going overtown to take another final exam, and that should put an end to another subject - Research Methods in Psychology.  This is different because instead of being an online course with regular assignments and quizzes to submit, it's just one big whompin' exam.  Literacy in Elementary Education is the same, one single exam for the whole enchilada. I mean, I do have an exam content outline, and recommended study materials - at least two or three textbooks, but that's it.  It's really the ultimate independent study.

Sometimes I wonder how different this would be if I was able to communicate with other people who were taking the same classes, or studying for the same exams.  Would that make it better? Or easier?  Over the holidays a few of my old friends were in town and referred to me as "being a hermit" and I'm betting there's plenty more people thinking that and not saying it.  I know I spend a lot of time alone, but it seems unavoidable because aside from the fact that I interact with less people now because I'm not working, really, most people aren't interested in talking about what's in my head most days.  

If you'd like to talk about what a politically astute artist and survivor David is and whether or not he could be considered to have been powerful enough to snub the power of the papacy - I'm game.  If you can help me remember how to find the least squares regression line or understand the difference between top down and bottom up processing - great!  If you have any thoughts on the Gestalt theory of object perception and whether their principles  have any contemporary relevance, I'd really like to hear them.  (Gettin' the idea yet?  I can bore people spitless in no time flat.)

As much as I'm used to going it alone, I do have one study partner:

She is very attentive:

And occasionally quite helpful:

Okay, I agree. The right answer is "E - none of the above".


Logan said...

OH LOOK, you can do homework OUTSIDE.

I can't will myself out the front door right now.

How do you get those progress bar thingies?

Kath said...

Yes, if we have a sunny day I rearrange my whole day around the few brief hours that sun hits the patio area. And instead of taking knitting outside, I try to be a good kid and take the books.

The school progress bars are html tables, I learned how to create them from Noricum and then just customized them for my color preferences, etc. You can read her post on it here: http://noricum.blogspot.com/2005/03/table-time.html
There's a bit of a learning curve, but if you read through all the comments it's worth it in the end!

Logan said...


I might try that, I'm not sure for what, but they look cool.