Friday, January 4, 2008

Two FO's and one WIP

Before more time goes by I need to get caught up on a couple of completed knitting projects. ("Finished Objects" for those not fluent in Knitspeak) On New Year's Day I finished my first pair of wristwarmers:

I was almost ridiculously uptight about getting them to match, wanting identical rather than fraternal twins. And apparently my efforts paid off! I read a comment posted somewhere, about how pairs of things such as socks or gloves don't need to look like each other, they really just need to like each other! So on the next pair I knit, I'm going to do my best to let go of my matchy-matchy obsession.

I also finished a hat:

It's made from Lion Brand Homespun, in the Coral Gables colorway. It's a very simple pattern and I had some ideas about how to modify it a bit, but I wanted to try knitting it straight the first time before I started dinking around with it. (Imagine that.) And it is wonderfully soft and cozy, but a very snug fit. It fits my pointy little head but would be too tight for anyone else. So I'm going to have to take a little time to work out re-sizing it and figuring how much yarn will really be needed.

I wanted to cast on the Cabled Fingerless Mitts by Carissa Browning, but in reading through the pattern I decided that it was a little trickier than I first realized (for me anyway). I still want to do it, just the timing was bad, because on Thursday I planned to go over to the mainland to take an exam, and this project just wasn't hitting me as "boat knitting". So I decided to start something else in my queue, and as we headed across the water towards Long Beach I worked on the Beaufort Hat:

And actually got quite a bit done:

Last night before I went to bed I tried on what I had on the needles so far (again, for those not fluent in Knitspeak, a "Work In Progress") and this hat is also a tight fit. It's going to need my "special personal block and stretch technique". (Take a shower with the hat in the steamy bathroom but do not get it wet, then place hat on freshly washed damp head and wear all day. By the end of the day you have weird hair and a perfectly blocked hat.)

Oh, and the exam? Aced it! (Much to my surprise). The only exam appointment I could get was at 1:00pm, but since we are in the middle of our winter boat schedule the only way for me to get there on time was to go over on the 8:00am boat. And the only boat home I could possible make it to after the exam was the last one of the day, 5:45pm. So I had a whole heck of a lot of time to kill on either end of the day! But I believe I'll sign off here and save that as blog fodder for another post.

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