Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hats heading out

The braided cable hat I had so much fun blocking has been mailed off to it's new home:

I have no idea if the recipient will like it or not - but if not, I hope she re-gifts it to someone who does!

And in the same trip to the post office I also sent a couple of chemo caps to a hospital in Pennsylvania:

A fellow Hat Attack participant shared the info on her Caps for a Cause contest pointing out that since we all like knitting hats anyway - why not do some good with it? I knitted the coral one a few months ago because I had the yarn in my stash already and wanted to try the pattern.  The yellow one was knit up to keep it company, and so I could experiment with a technique to avoid the little jog you get when knitting stripes in the round. Not really sure if I did it right, but the yarn has enough texture to hide small imperfections anyway!

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Mia said...

I should think about that concept.. just knitting little things just "cuz". I always feel like I have to be making something specifically for someone... but maybe not! How freeing to just knit something now cuz you like it and worry about where it's gonna end up later!