Thursday, April 3, 2008

Purty Purple Progress Report

With only one small, fixable mistake, in the last few days I successfully turned the heel and am now zooming up the foot:

I remember the first time I saw someone try on a sock they were knitting and how hysterically funny and bizarre it looked to see little pink toes sticking out in the middle of a strange framework of dangerously pointy little wooden skewers. Since that time I've seen that same foot, and my own, projecting out from a variety of socks in progress. But this is the first time, the very first time, that I was the one knitting the socks! Huzzah!

Along the way, the sock in progress received a companion:

Simply because I was invited to a potluck dinner party of sorts at a friend's house, and although that wasn't the best timing for starting the heel turn, it seemed like a fine opportunity to get through some of those mindless rounds of cuff and leg ribbing. Not to mention yet another chance to demonstrate just how weird I am to the non-knitters in my world. Surprisingly, the initial reaction when I...ahem, "whipped it out" was very mild. I think this is a good sign - they're coming along nicely. However, this was in a private home with a small circle of friends. Next lesson: "Knitting In Public" or "Yes, We Do Knit in the Local Bar".

(Hint: I already have. But these folks are KIP virgins, so better buckle up, this could get a little bumpy!)

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Sheepish Annie said...

Yup. The sock is the finest of portable knitting. If one isn't in the KIP stage, you can just start another. Love the socks!!!!!!!!! And yours look fabulous!