Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sweatin' in the shade

That's a post title meant for August, right?  But last time I checked, this is April.

We were forecasted for a heat wave this week, and when it didn't start on the predicted day, someone who will remain nameless mocked the idea of such a quick change in the temperature for a Santa Ana to occur this weekend.  I believe the weather man now has a couple of words to say on the subject..."neener neener".

'Cause yeah, we are sweatin' in the shade today, same expected tomorrow. Craziness.


Wendee said...

I have to say... my fingers are crossed that your weather holds up through the end of the month. Sand and surf - here I come!

Sweating would be nice - I'm so tired of wearing sweaters!!! (Although I have to admit - today was absolutely lovely in Seattle - shorts and flip-flops!)

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm all for the start of spring and summer...but I dread the coming heat and humidity! Stay cool.