Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fake Fur Fun

Acting in my capacity as a virtual black hole of disaster, I didn't get much accomplished yesterday. By the end of the day, I thought it might be safe and pulled out some knitting. Size 7 bamboo needles with very dull points, 'cause I'm not a complete idiot. (And when, out of 83 cable channels, the one I wanted to watch was the only one not working, I got a little nervous.) So with stubby little needles in hand, I did this:

No, that is not a godawfully large clump of cat hair. (Although I don't rule out the possibility that something similar may be lurking behind the couch.) Crafted from black Fun Fur, this little critter is going to be the latest high-fashion accessory for a very special dog.

Olive is a Giant Schnauzer (emphasis on the "giant") and while that's not the best picture of her by far, as you can see she is verra verra furry!  Recently, in order to investigate a possible problem the area around one foot and lower leg was shaved.  Without the lovely thick fur, her foot actually looks quite tiny and almost dainty, especially on such a big dog. But it also looks a bit sad.  So Olive's people, knowing that I've been knitting people socks, commissioned me to make a sort of footless doggy sock.  I think we're calling it an "anklet" for lack of a more clever name.  (But I'm open to suggestions.)

In Olive's absence, I did find someone else to model the work in progress:

It's coming along quickly so it should be finished in just a few days.  But it just looks awfully plain to me.  I can't help wondering if Olive wouldn't prefer something more stylish?  Perhaps a tasteful string of pearls?  After all, what girl couldn't use a bit more glam in her life?


D said...

Cuffs are all the fashion rage these days . . .

Sheepish Annie said...

Now that is a good use for fun fur!!! Pup will surely appreciate it!

Allyn Bryan said...

Hi Katherine,
Checked in to see if you blogged Olive's "sock"...I'm so excited to see it shaping into a lovely and functional fluff! Having it on hand for emergencies will secure Olive's ability to conceal her imperfections from Scott! We're so appreciative of your talents! Thanks for designing the canine cuff!

Logan said...

Errr...footlet perhaps?