Friday, June 6, 2008

K is for Kittens

I had a few ideas for this letter of the alphabet but in honor of a dear friend's newest family member, I've decided that K is for Kittens!

All three of these little darlings are alumni of CIHS - the Catalina Island Humane Society.  And yes, all of them did eventually find loving homes. 

But as wonderful as kittens are - adult cats are also great pets.  Many of the more mature animals languish in shelters, unable to find homes because they don't have the quick and easy appeal of the babies. So if you are looking to adopt a cat, please keep an open mind!


pocketsize said...

Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with kittens? They are so cute and lovely. Cats are also ok, but I imagine I would like more cats that I have seen grown from kittens.
I can't have a kitten/cat at the moment for two reasons (I don't know if I'm fit to take care of one, and my landlord doesn't allow pet), but I will have one in the future, and it will be great!

Sheepish Annie said...

Must. Have. Kitten. NOW!!!!!!!

Dame Wendy said...

KITTIES!!! I didn't realize you live on Catalina! When I lived in Orange County I so wanted to do that.

Teyani said...

I am a total cat person. I have two little sweet ones right now (though they are a couple years old). love 'em!
My cats are so engaging - they always come to greet me when I come home, they 'talk', cuddle, and even "help" with my knitting by "selecting' a yarn for me out of the closet ! (hee hee)

Temperance said...

Fostering is a great thing, it allows us to get our kitten fix with out being the crazy cat lady. It is a lot of work and very rewarding.

JamieL said...

Awwww... kittens!

I am a sucker for older cats, but I love to hear kittens get good homes.