Thursday, September 11, 2008

The bear facts

Way back in February while at Stitches West I met some of the wonderful folks from The Mother Bear Project.  You can click through the link and explore their site for more information, but I don't know if it'll grab you the way it does when you meet these people in person, and they explain why and how it started. But it hooked me and I was fortunate enough to meet Amy Berman, the organization's founder.  That's her in the center of the picture.

Their booth was simple enough, a display of some of the wonderful bears created by those contributing to the project, info on the Mother Bear Project, photos of adorable children holding their new bears, and one teensy tinsy extra feature - a couple of tables and chairs, yarn, needles - the chance to plop down right then and there and start knitting on a bear.  Well, gee...a convention full of knitters, what do you think they're going to want to do when they get tired of roaming the exhibit hall and want to rest their feet awhile? I was an easy mark.

My starter bear from that afternoon went on to be completed by some other passing knitter, lured in by the Mother Bear Project people in their cute sweatshirts & red Converse sneakers, but before the weekend was over I had purchased a copy of the pattern with the full intent to start knittin' on bears when I got home.  And a few weeks later I dug into the acrylic yarn stash and cast on.  I happily followed the pattern and it really knit up quickly.  Then suddenly - it was time to sew it up & stuff it.  I stalled.  I could try using the excuse that you can't buy polyfil stuffing where I live, but the truth is I just hate seaming.  So the poor bear went into hibernation.

The sock knitting flourished, I cranked out a few other random charity items, and a couple of unique projects for close friends.  But still the bear slept on, waiting for the day when my guilt would get the better of me.  That day finally arrived.

May I present, Monsieur L'Orange:

Bonjour!  Tu viens ici souvent?

I don't know why he is French, I just know that it is so.  And I could be wrong, but I think he needs a girlfriend.  What do you think?


Mia said...

I can't believe you're talking about "bears" over here.. hehehehe.

Ellen Bloom said...

Monsieur L'Orange is positively charming! Yes, he does need a companion! Get busy.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I had to look this up, but ...
Je crois qu'il est magnifique! :)
Oui, I love to come here as often as I can and I think the scarf makes him look French. Good job Kath or should I say, "Bon Emploi, Kath!" And I think he needs a "femme" too. xxoo

Sheepish Annie said...

You know those French fellas...never happy unless they have a lady friend! I'd get on that if I were you.

He is a very handsome bear. I don't think you will have any problems at all finding him a nice bear girlfriend!