Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Alphabet Soup...again

I appreciate your understanding when I skipped "Q" but I think it's time for me to get caught up.  So:

R is for Radio Flyer

This little wagon is sitting forlornly in the patio of the summer house next door.  It's used regularly during the season by the various family members that visit the island, to haul their chairs, umbrellas, and other miscellaneous beach paraphernalia down the hill to the sand. Usually it's put away in storage by summer's end, but it looks like this year it was forgotten. It's probably not as old as it looks, the salty sea air is hard on things here. After spending the rainy season outside it's going to look worse, but even now, doesn't it look sad?  Needs to be filled with bright colored geraniums or something!

S is for Statistics

Or that which has sucked up the month of September and driven me to the edge for so many months prior.  I knew long before I started this class that it was going to be a monster, but even still...wowzer.  I do have to say that it is a damn good class, it does an excellent job of breaking down the information into the smallest possible nuggets and making absolutely sure that you have them down before adding on more.  What I'm not loving is that along with all the assignments, there are three midcourse exams, each one covering a third of the course, and then - there is a cumulative final exam. Sick & twisted I tell ya.


Anonymous said...

What level Statistics class are you taking? I just had my very first midterm in my basics class today, I wanted to hurl when I walked out of the room. I have a hard time with the concepts that sound like they *should* be simple, but haven't had any problems yet with formulas. Math is hard. :(

Mia said...

i need a summer house too. ::sigh:: Guess I'm just lucky to have a winter house.