Thursday, October 16, 2008

T is for Tilta Swift

I can't take credit for this marvelous invention, all praise should be directed to Webecca. She had the brilliance to figure out how a small assortment of items that most of us already have in our homes:

Plastic hangers, clothespins, a small cardboard box (it's flattened out in this shot), a lazy Susan, and a bit of elastic.

Could be assembled to create this:

The purpose of which is quickly obvious to any knitter when you see it like this:

Absolutely wonderful and works like a charm! My only modification is due to not having one of the gripper pads suggested to keep the cardboard box from sliding around on the surface of the lazy Susan.  Instead I put a couple of small flat rocks inside the box, they weighed it down enough to do the job. I'd also like to get a better lazy Susan, this one is cheap and sticks occasionally. A better quality one would turn smoothly.

Winding yarn was so fun and easy with my Tilta Swift I just couldn't stop grinning and laughing. I used it a while back to wind the Lorna's Laces yarn for my lovely lavender Artichoke socks. Unfortunately I seem to have lost the love for these and stalled a bit.  However, I have it on very good authority that it is perfectly acceptable to have more than one sock project on the needles.  So in the next couple days I'm going to break out my trusty Tilta Swift and wind up the yarn for something else.  Now I just have to decide what that'll be - hmmmm.....


Mia said...

Hey, great idea! And oh, I would SO love to be sittin out on that porch in the sunshine right about now!

Anonymous said...

All praise the tilta swift! That is so cool.

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, now that is just genius!!!!!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

You look so great! Love that nice porch you have to sit on and think your plants look really nice where you've placed them. xxoo