Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No eggs for you!

And the bread section ain't lookin' much better. But of course the beer coolers are fully stocked.

I took that shot earlier this week and to anyone familiar with our local grocery store it's a familiar sight. I'm sure those bright red sale price tags decorating the edges of the empty shelves might lead you to believe that they had just experienced a massive clearance sale or perhaps a swarm of grocery locusts? Neither is true.  Actually, they just upgraded all the equipment in the refrigerated sections, which as you might expect was accomplished during the night while the store was closed.  You might also expect there to be food on those shelves when the store re-opened the next day.  Or perhaps the day after that.  Or maybe even two days later? Or...?

Apparently even though this was a planned upgrade someone forgot to complete the last part of the plan. The part where the store that sells food has food to sell. This would be funny if it wasn't such a frequent occurrence.

It is not uncommon for our grocery store, which is part of a major chain, to simply not have certain items for a few days at a time.  I know it's a small store, and they face challenges that the mainland stores never have to consider, I take that into account.  I don't expect them to carry the variety of foodstuffs and delicacies available in large mainland stores.  But it just stumps me how they can run short of the most basic items.  Things that everyone uses. You know, staples like bread, milk, and oh yeah...eggs.

But like I said, the beer cooler is full.  Priorities I guess.


Mia said...

NO eggs? I'd starve. My dinners usually consist of either eggs, toast or candy *grin*

Then again, I'd make the sacrifice cuz then I'd be thinner and living on an island :)

kim said...

That's weird! Like, I get mad when the grocery store doesn't stock my preferred flavor of Triscuit, but NO EGGS?!

Sheepish Annie said...

Ack!!! I live out in in the sticks, but the stores are well-stocked and eggs abound! You are a true pioneer, woman!!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

No eggs? Now I can undestand tuna when it's on sale. Those shelves are always vacant. I think people take the day off to stock up, especially the albacore. xxoo