Friday, November 14, 2008

Sock Knitter Blues

As I've mentioned in the past, I'm really focused right now on trying to knit from my stash, and I only buy yarn when I have a specific project for it.  So when my love for the current sock in progress waned, I decided it would be a good idea to cast on a new sock, something that would be practical, and knit up quickly.

I dove into the stash and came up with this:

Hazel Knits sock yarn in the Denim Blues colorway.  Ever so practical for my lifestyle of blue jeans and sweats.

I set up my beloved Tilta Swift:

(Please note process properly supervised.)

Wound up the yarn and launched into what I thought would be the most marvelous sock.

It was an absolute joy to knit, the stitches just seemed to fly off the needles.  After the cuff and first few inches of the leg I tried it on and raved over its beauty and perfection. I noticed that it was a tad snug, but no more so than many of my other socks. (You see what's coming don't you?) Before knitting the heel flap I even pulled out another set of size 2 dpns and cast on the leg of sock #2, so I could have it just a section behind sock #1 and finish them close together. (The dueling dpns approach to avoiding second sock syndrome.)

I used a different heel stitch on the flap than I've used in the past, and it flowed so well with the pattern.  Then I turned the heel, knit a few rounds of the foot, put the stitches on waste yarn and tried it on to see how many inches/rounds until the toe. 

The ever lovin' thing didn't fit! (#$C@%&%!!! #@$%&#@!!!! #%&@#!!!)

It was way too tight. I have not yet frogged the beautiful blue socks in progress.  I just don't have it in me right now.  They have been stuffed into a bag in the closet, in another week or so I will pull them out and do what must be done.  I know the pattern I had in mind for them can still be used, it just needs a bit of tweaking to make it work. I can do that.  Just not right now.

But I figured something out.  Remember that Alki Reflections colorway that gave me so much trouble?  It took me three tries to find a pattern that suited that bad boy.  I admit, in the end it was totally worth the effort and I love the socks that resulted.  But here's the kicker - I ordered the Denim Blues colorway at the same time as the Alki Reflections. They were traveling companions. So I think we know who's to blame here don't we?


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Yeah the Alki's were the ones where I really liked the colors. Sorry these didn't fit, they would have been very pretty. I love the mini-me you have posted while your node id till tuffed up. :) Hope you're on the mend. xxoo

beentsy said...

Pretty sock yarn! Sorry it's being so contrary. I'm also loving the Tilta Swift. Patent pending on that technology I'm assuming? ;)

KnittingBlueContent said...


Hazelknits sock yarn is WONDERFUL! Out of all the socks I've knit, her yarn was the most beautiful to look at and a joy to fondle as I knit it up. Don't'cha know, that's only the second pair I've kept for me me me! No way was I handing them over to some unappreciative non-knitter.

Sorry your sock is too snug. The "half-full" thought is "well, at least you get to knit longer with the yarn" LOL!

I wonder if all our cats took the same crash-course in Supervision. Mine are always nosing over blocking and picture-taking activities. At this point, I don't consider anything an F.O. until it has a few cat hairs on it :blush:

Lisa said...

Ah, how we knitters do delude ourselves, knitting on and ignoring the little voice of reason, knitting faster when we're running out of yarn, etc. etc. and so on. I have a lovely pair of socks in Greenlake that are too big for any human - I knit the second sock even when I knew the first was huge - the yarn was so pretty I just didn't want to stop. I hope yours come out of timeout soon (and that your cold is long gone).

Sheepish Annie said...

Awwww! I hate that!!! Especially when the sock is all pretty and blue and stuff. But I guess that's just the way it goes sometimes. Me and the Jaywalkers had a similar history...

knitwithit said...

Oh nooo! I'm sorry, I hate it when things don't fit. So much so that I block the living #&*( out of them until they fit ;) Or just give up on the socks all together and make a cowl with the yarn instead, after putting it on time out.