Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nothing to sneeze at...

in this house that has not already been sneezed upon in the last few days. Seriously.
I have sneezed:
  • in the shower (no biggie)
  • on a sink full of dirty dishes (again, no biggie)
  • on a drainer full of clean dishes (dammit!)
  • in bed (naturally)
  • on my Statistics notes (significantly)
  • on one of my Ethics textbooks (morally)
  • on my knitting (more on that tomorrow)
  • and on the cat (mrrroowww!!)
On that last one, I can sort of see why she'd be so indignant - if I had to use my tongue to clean myself then I suppose suddenly being showered with people germs would be offensive.  But when you factor in that this is a critter who regularly licks her own butt -- well, kinda hard to understand where she gets off being so freaking fastidious, isn't it?

While I've been staggering around swilling tea and scattering snotty kleenexes (pretty picture, eh?) the grade for the Spanish midterm I took a few weeks ago was finally posted. Much to my surprise I got a B+.  Apparently I do not suck at learning languages as much as I thought.  Or perhaps the combination of vacation vocabulary acquired from trips to Mexico ("Un vino tinto por favor!") and useful work-related phrases acquired from previous co-workers ("¿Usted quiere la mantequilla en eso?") finally added up to something useful.  Either way, it's very encouraging and certainly nothing to sneeze at!


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Congratulations on the B+! You rock! Our office got their flu shots today, but not until after being exposed to the coughing woman on the elevator. Hope you feel better soon. xxoo

Mia said...

Do you believe I honest to God sneezed just as I opened this post to read it? too funny.

Anonymous said...

Mia is not alone, I too sneezed while reading this post. You are spreading your cold through the internet. Oh no!

PS- congratulations on your B+!