Friday, November 7, 2008

Sweet Summer Day

What do you mean it's not summer?

Of course I know it's November, but how else do you explain this:


All right then, we'll just agree to disagree.  But while I'm thinking of it, do you remember back in June when I told you about the part-time summer work I'd picked up?

Spending several weeks as an extra on a television shoot was interesting (and profitable).  If I lived on the mainland I'm sure I'd have considered spending the money to join SAG (I'm eligible now) and continue trying to get background work.  It'd be a great little source of income while I'm still in school. But here on the island there really aren't many opportunities for that sort of thing so it just isn't worth pursuing.

The television show still hasn't been picked up, but you can read about it here, and even watch a little trailer clip.  Something to keep in mind - the version of the island you are seeing is the one they created for television.  In other words, it's the right place but they've rearranged, dressed up, or just completely made things up.  But it's still fun to watch.  And yes, even in that tiny trailer I can find myself.  It's not easy though and I expect that even people who have met me in the real world won't be able to spot me in the crowd.  Feel free to give it your best shot!


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Girl, forget Billy D, John Schneider? Didn't know he was going to be in this production! OMG! How buff he still is! The man never ages and I just want to kiss him all over! :) Not really, but wow! Your town looks awesome in movies. And getting paid for doing practically nothing? Nice. Thanks so much for sharing. xxoo

Logan said...

Are you wearing a blue shirt 55 seconds in? I'm probably way off, but I was looking for the hair.

Sheepish Annie said...

I wondered what ever came of your big screen moment. Won't it be cool when it's finally picked up?

Thanks for the update!