Thursday, November 6, 2008

There are no words left

on this subject that others have not already said before me and so very well that I will refer you to them. Faith was very clear and logical including a guest post on Shakesville. Didi shared her thoughts on this issue and some excellent links.

As for me?  All I can come up with is:


For what it's worth, I am very pleased about the outcome of the presidential election and animal lover that I am, the passing of Proposition 2 makes me very happy also.
But...Proposition 8 is an attempt to amend the California Constitution to include discrimination, to deny rights.

It's wrong, people.  Just plain wrong.


Lisa said...

I've always thought of California as progressive.... but not in this case. As a divorced person I'm not an enthusiastic advocate of marriage per se, but I do believe in the right of all persons to have equal opportunity to mess up each other's lives at will. Or enjoy each other's lives, if lucky. On the other hand, I'm so happy for my country that we finally woke up and voted right for president. More good to come, I hope!

Anonymous said...

The whole thing just makes me feel sad. So much for equality.

Melissa said...

I was watching in interest had really had hope that the vote on Proposition 8 would not come out with these results. It really was very sad to see.